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My New Gadget : Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01

Here is my Nokia X2-01 review. What would you do if you were a teen and given a handset as sleek with a solid qwerty and  music DNA running on the handset. One would type so fast, so fast you can barely see them! The X-series range of phones are music oriented devices, Nokia has picked up the demand and love for social networking and heavy texting and has released this lovely looking device X2-01.

Box Contents

  • X2-01
  • Battery BL-5C
  • Charger AC-3
  • Stereo Headset WH-102
  • User guide


The most found element on the phone is plastic, though there is no compromise on the build quality. The phone feels premium and looks in a way which gives an impression that this is a sub 10k phone.

The phone has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, D-Pad surrounded by receive/end calls, two navigation keys, and also two shortcut buttons, one to quick fire the Media Player and the other sending a quick SMS. On top a 3.5mm Audio jack and charger port.

The QWERTY keyboard on the X2-01 is one of the most comfortable ones you’ll find in the market. It competes with company’s other qwerty phones like C3, E5 and its ergonomic design makes the phone a clear winner.

And, those two shortcut keys neighboring the D-Pad are totally customizable, the music key can be customized to open the music player, music library or FM radio. Similarly, the messaging key can be customized to open email, text messages or instant messages.

X2-01 has a neat looking homescreen, the whole screen estate is used up well, it has multiple contact bar, a community widget kind of shortcut, and Shortcuts for apps, Customizable ie.. the homescreen shortcuts can be replaced by those which interests the user. Customizable menu – Single, List, Grid, Grid with Lables views. The Default font size offers a great read even for aged ones. Which can also be customized. This is great!

The X2-01 has PUSH mail & chat clients support out of box. With native email client Nokia Messaging 3.0 it is said to supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail among others. Wide chat services such as  Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and a handful of others are also supported by IM Client.

SNS are grouped in an app called ‘Communities’, which currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Orkut only. Works well, also a live widget for the same can be found on the homescreen. Which simply is handy!

The inbuilt browser was quick to load pages over a GPRS connection. Opera mini is integrated as default web browser and Bing as default web search. Few web service like Myspace, Youtube, AccWeather, Reuters, Hi5, Friendster’s web shortcuts can be found within the web app. The phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi or 3G support. So, GPRS is what you have to rely on.

FM Radio, Bluetooth, and pre installed apps and games like bounce, Nokia Life Tools* are notable ones.

My Verdict

Though Nokia X2-01 has nothing new to offer, its has the wow factor! And all thanks to Nokia’s design team. Appealing design which makes it feel richer than it actually costs. No matter the age group it is targeted on, everyone gets an immediate crush on the phone especially with  its ultra-comfy keyboard. If you’re texting and ‘IM’ing addict who’s looking for a total value for money product the X2-01 is a great buy.


  • Great QWERTY keypad.
  • Great design and built
  • Great battery life
  • Value for Money
  • Community Feature is Great!


  • Worst camera
  • No 3G
  • Messaging UI needs work



Secret Codes for Mobile Phones

I now present some secret codes for you all, which you can type into your mobile phone to reveal some extra information and perform certain tasks. Remember you may be voiding your warranties by using some of them and can end up with a dead brick (having given the official disclaimer, play respectfully and you shall be safe)


Staring with universal one

  • *#06#

Typing this will reveal your IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) number across brands and handsets (it is a regulation). Every phone has a unique number and technically if your phone is lost it is possible to trace it via this number even if the thief changes the network.

In regions such as Europe this actually happens in practice, but in India things are little slack. While buying a phone always match this number (which comes on the screen) with the number printed on the backside (battery compartment) of your phone and the box in which the phone has come. All three should be same, indicating a genuine phone.

  • 112

This is not really a code but an emergency number. You will be able to dial this number even if the keypad is locked and will be able to dial independent of the presence of the network, till any cellular network is available within the range. This will also work even if you have no credit.


Codes for Nokia phones:

  • *#7760#

Reveals the production serial number, confined to work on the Series 40 phones, doesn’t works on all Series 60 phones.

  • *#7780

Proceed with caution, this shall reset your phone to factory settings. Useful if you are debugging and confused if the problem is software setting related or hardware.

  • *#0000#

Very useful, tells your current firmware version. In phones that support OTA (over the air) updating, you can simply update your phone firmware from the option menu that this will bring via GPRS/3G/Wi-Fi without connecting to PC Suite.

  • *#2820#

Reveal your Bluetooth device address, some manual configuration needed for setting up your custom Bluetooth device or troubleshooting may require this information.

  • *#21#

Allows you to check the number where “All Calls” are diverted to.

  • *#30# and press dial

Lets you see the private number. Network dependent.

  • *#43#

Allows you to check the “Call Waiting” status of your phone.

  • *#61#

Allows you to check the number that “On No Reply” calls are diverted to

  • *#62#

Allows you to check the number that “Divert if Unreachable (no service)” calls are diverted to.

  • **21*number#

Turns on “All Calls” diverting to the phone number entered.

  • **61*number#

Turns on “No Reply” diverting to the phone number entered.

  • **67*number#

Turns on “On Busy” diverting to the phone number entered.

  • *#92702689#

Gives you the following information and works on almost all Nokia phones:

  1. i.            Warranty
  2. ii.            Made
  3. iii.            Purchasing Date
  4. iv.            Repaired
  5. v.            Serial Number
  6. vi.            Total Call Timer


  • ->*<-<-*<-

(-> means press joystick towards right and <- means left)

This brings up the secret menu in a Sony Ericsson phone which contains the following information and functions:

  1. i.            Service Info
  2. ii.            Model Info
  3. iii.            Software Info
  4. iv.            SIM Lock Status
  5. v.            Configuration
  6. vi.            Service Settings
  7. vii.            USB charging ON/OFF
  8. viii.            Service Tests
  9. ix.            Main Display
  10. x.            LED/Illumination
  11. xi.            Keyboard
  12. xii.            Speaker
  13. xiii.            Earphone
  14. xiv.            Vibrator
  15. xv.            Camera
  16. xvi.            Accelerometer
  17. xvii.            Memory Stick
  18. xviii.            FM Radio
  19. xix.            Real Time Clock
  20. xx.            Total Call Time
  21. xxi.            Security
  • <-**<-

SIM lock Status. This is another good check before you buy any phone, especially second hand ones. If phone is SIM locked, you may not be able to switch to other GSM operators

Exercise Caution While Playing With All The Above Secret Codes And Have Fun!!!

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