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The Windows XP Error Song

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Secret Codes for Mobile Phones

I now present some secret codes for you all, which you can type into your mobile phone to reveal some extra information and perform certain tasks. Remember you may be voiding your warranties by using some of them and can end up with a dead brick (having given the official disclaimer, play respectfully and you shall be safe)


Staring with universal one

  • *#06#

Typing this will reveal your IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) number across brands and handsets (it is a regulation). Every phone has a unique number and technically if your phone is lost it is possible to trace it via this number even if the thief changes the network.

In regions such as Europe this actually happens in practice, but in India things are little slack. While buying a phone always match this number (which comes on the screen) with the number printed on the backside (battery compartment) of your phone and the box in which the phone has come. All three should be same, indicating a genuine phone.

  • 112

This is not really a code but an emergency number. You will be able to dial this number even if the keypad is locked and will be able to dial independent of the presence of the network, till any cellular network is available within the range. This will also work even if you have no credit.


Codes for Nokia phones:

  • *#7760#

Reveals the production serial number, confined to work on the Series 40 phones, doesn’t works on all Series 60 phones.

  • *#7780

Proceed with caution, this shall reset your phone to factory settings. Useful if you are debugging and confused if the problem is software setting related or hardware.

  • *#0000#

Very useful, tells your current firmware version. In phones that support OTA (over the air) updating, you can simply update your phone firmware from the option menu that this will bring via GPRS/3G/Wi-Fi without connecting to PC Suite.

  • *#2820#

Reveal your Bluetooth device address, some manual configuration needed for setting up your custom Bluetooth device or troubleshooting may require this information.

  • *#21#

Allows you to check the number where “All Calls” are diverted to.

  • *#30# and press dial

Lets you see the private number. Network dependent.

  • *#43#

Allows you to check the “Call Waiting” status of your phone.

  • *#61#

Allows you to check the number that “On No Reply” calls are diverted to

  • *#62#

Allows you to check the number that “Divert if Unreachable (no service)” calls are diverted to.

  • **21*number#

Turns on “All Calls” diverting to the phone number entered.

  • **61*number#

Turns on “No Reply” diverting to the phone number entered.

  • **67*number#

Turns on “On Busy” diverting to the phone number entered.

  • *#92702689#

Gives you the following information and works on almost all Nokia phones:

  1. i.            Warranty
  2. ii.            Made
  3. iii.            Purchasing Date
  4. iv.            Repaired
  5. v.            Serial Number
  6. vi.            Total Call Timer


  • ->*<-<-*<-

(-> means press joystick towards right and <- means left)

This brings up the secret menu in a Sony Ericsson phone which contains the following information and functions:

  1. i.            Service Info
  2. ii.            Model Info
  3. iii.            Software Info
  4. iv.            SIM Lock Status
  5. v.            Configuration
  6. vi.            Service Settings
  7. vii.            USB charging ON/OFF
  8. viii.            Service Tests
  9. ix.            Main Display
  10. x.            LED/Illumination
  11. xi.            Keyboard
  12. xii.            Speaker
  13. xiii.            Earphone
  14. xiv.            Vibrator
  15. xv.            Camera
  16. xvi.            Accelerometer
  17. xvii.            Memory Stick
  18. xviii.            FM Radio
  19. xix.            Real Time Clock
  20. xx.            Total Call Time
  21. xxi.            Security
  • <-**<-

SIM lock Status. This is another good check before you buy any phone, especially second hand ones. If phone is SIM locked, you may not be able to switch to other GSM operators

Exercise Caution While Playing With All The Above Secret Codes And Have Fun!!!

Making Windows XP look and feel like Windows 7

Want to enjoy the most talked features of Windows 7, but don’t want to shift from the good old Windows XP? It’s the time to get the best of both worlds!!!!!!!!!!


The Superbar (click here for download) minimizes the space taken by each application instance by only displaying the icon of the application and grouping similar instances of an application as one. You can click on the icon to choose the instances you want to open.

ViGlance doesn’t requires an installation. Just run the software

(And choose between a few options) and you’re ready to go. Right click on any of the notification icons. Check Options to select animations and other effects. You can also drag and drop the icons just like you can in Windows 7. Also, similar to Superbar you can pin items that might be open so that  their link stays on the taskbar even, when they are not open. Though ViGlance at times doesn’t   load the thumbnails quickly but it surely declutters your taskbar and gives you a much more fun UI.


Another feature of the “ Superbar” is that it allows to use combinations such as Windows +{1} to open the first menu on the taskbar and so on.

It cycles through all the open instances of the particular application if it’s already open otherwise starts the application. To get this functionality, just download ActByNum and run it. It’s a small Autohotkey script.


With windows 7 comes a new set of shortcuts to arrange your open windows. You can snap open windows to different edges of the screen, which is helpful if you quickly want to divide the screen into two separate halves. This is done with the Windows+Left or Right keys. Pressing  Windows+ Space bar on the other hand displays the desktop by making all applications transparent. There are several applications which allow you to get the  same functionality in Windows XP, but we will just look at Windows Split. With its range of options the application is a delight for any power user. Install the software and check the list of the Shortcuts available . Also it allows you to customize eachsplit (Layout Settings) so you can enjoy as much flexibility as you want to.

Download this application from here.


Another UI improvement that was seen in Windows 7 is  the AeroShake feature. What it does is simple: shake the active windows  (the one you are using) and hides all other windows. Shake it again and the windows are back to where they were. AeroShake ( click here to download) software (Autohotkey script) for XP does the same! Pretty nifty replacement of the Windows + [D] key used to hide all the windows in case you just want to hide other inactive windows. And being other AutoHotKey script, it take very little RAM too. You can also customize to choose the number of shakes and behavior with extended displays.


Windows 7 is similar to Windows Vista and there is a huge number of softwares to give Vista or Windows 7 lie looks.

Here are few of transformation packs:

  • Remember to patch the uxtheme.dll file before installing these new themes. Download UXThemePatcher from (search for UX theme, followed by your XP Service pack number.)
  • Seven VG Theme by Vishal Gupta: A very popular theme by Vishal Gupta. Different parts of the themes are available as setups, which make it easier to install. Click here to download.
  • Windows 7 Complete by DopeySneezy: A complete theme replacement, with a backup utility to allow you to backup all the system files you need to change. Click here to download.



Internet Connectivity Comes to Car

Online, on the Road

The definition of a hot car is about to change. Speed? Style? That’s all well and good, but how can a car be hot if it doesn’t have an internet hotspot?

Yes, after several false starts, the telecom industry is about to do what it has long promised – or threatened, depending on your view: turn your car into a mobile office and multimedia playpen.

Web-surfing smart phones and Bluetooth connections have opened the pipeline and automakers are going with a flow whose direction has become clear: networking portable devices rather than installing pricey and rapidly obsolete hardware in the car.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW took baby steps for 2009, letting users send Google Map addresses and data from a home computer to a car’s navigation system. For 2010, all BMW models with the fourth generation iDrive system take the next step, letting drivers to connect to Google Maps’ powerful database using the car’s navigation screen.

BMW’s2010 7-Series will go a step further, offering full internet connectivity. But that’s only for Europe. (Sorry friends!!!)

Chrysler, however has no such qualms. For every Chrysler , Dodge and Jeep can be equipped with a WiFi connection for laptops,music players and other devices. At a cost of just dealers will install and activate a wireless router with a built in modem, with subscribers paying an additional $29 for monthly service. The web service is the latest in Chrysler’s suite of UConnect features, which includes Bluetooth phone synchronization and Sirus satellite television.

Ultimately, the point won’t be to outlaw four-wheeled Web-surfing (a quixotic quest) but to make it work smarter, via improved voice controls and interfaces-and improved drivers. Let’s just hope that the guy in the other lane is watching the road, not YouTube.

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