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My New Gadget : Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01

Here is my Nokia X2-01 review. What would you do if you were a teen and given a handset as sleek with a solid qwerty and  music DNA running on the handset. One would type so fast, so fast you can barely see them! The X-series range of phones are music oriented devices, Nokia has picked up the demand and love for social networking and heavy texting and has released this lovely looking device X2-01.

Box Contents

  • X2-01
  • Battery BL-5C
  • Charger AC-3
  • Stereo Headset WH-102
  • User guide


The most found element on the phone is plastic, though there is no compromise on the build quality. The phone feels premium and looks in a way which gives an impression that this is a sub 10k phone.

The phone has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, D-Pad surrounded by receive/end calls, two navigation keys, and also two shortcut buttons, one to quick fire the Media Player and the other sending a quick SMS. On top a 3.5mm Audio jack and charger port.

The QWERTY keyboard on the X2-01 is one of the most comfortable ones you’ll find in the market. It competes with company’s other qwerty phones like C3, E5 and its ergonomic design makes the phone a clear winner.

And, those two shortcut keys neighboring the D-Pad are totally customizable, the music key can be customized to open the music player, music library or FM radio. Similarly, the messaging key can be customized to open email, text messages or instant messages.

X2-01 has a neat looking homescreen, the whole screen estate is used up well, it has multiple contact bar, a community widget kind of shortcut, and Shortcuts for apps, Customizable ie.. the homescreen shortcuts can be replaced by those which interests the user. Customizable menu – Single, List, Grid, Grid with Lables views. The Default font size offers a great read even for aged ones. Which can also be customized. This is great!

The X2-01 has PUSH mail & chat clients support out of box. With native email client Nokia Messaging 3.0 it is said to supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail among others. Wide chat services such as  Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and a handful of others are also supported by IM Client.

SNS are grouped in an app called ‘Communities’, which currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Orkut only. Works well, also a live widget for the same can be found on the homescreen. Which simply is handy!

The inbuilt browser was quick to load pages over a GPRS connection. Opera mini is integrated as default web browser and Bing as default web search. Few web service like Myspace, Youtube, AccWeather, Reuters, Hi5, Friendster’s web shortcuts can be found within the web app. The phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi or 3G support. So, GPRS is what you have to rely on.

FM Radio, Bluetooth, and pre installed apps and games like bounce, Nokia Life Tools* are notable ones.

My Verdict

Though Nokia X2-01 has nothing new to offer, its has the wow factor! And all thanks to Nokia’s design team. Appealing design which makes it feel richer than it actually costs. No matter the age group it is targeted on, everyone gets an immediate crush on the phone especially with  its ultra-comfy keyboard. If you’re texting and ‘IM’ing addict who’s looking for a total value for money product the X2-01 is a great buy.


  • Great QWERTY keypad.
  • Great design and built
  • Great battery life
  • Value for Money
  • Community Feature is Great!


  • Worst camera
  • No 3G
  • Messaging UI needs work



Now Use Google Cloud Print without a Phone

Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is an interesting web service that brings wireless printing (well, sort of) to your home without any complicated set-up or hardware upgrades. Once Cloud Print is enabled, you’ll be able to send documents and emails to your local printer for printing from anywhere over the Internet.

Google Cloud Print currently supports printing only through iPhones and Android mobile phones but if you find that limiting, here’s a new Chrome extension that will let you print documents even from your desktop without requiring a phone.

It adds a little Cloud Print icon to your address bar whenever you are viewing a PDF, a Word document or a text file in the Chrome browser (video demo). Clicking that icon will show a list of all printers that are connected with your Google Account – select any one to start a print job that you can later manage from the Cloud Print dashboard.

This works only with files that are already on the web and if you are print your local documents with Cloud Print, you first need to upload them online.

Audio Post

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The Windows XP Error Song

Widget � Official Site of We Are The World 25 For Haiti

Widget � Official Site of We Are The World 25 For Haiti.

Making Windows XP look and feel like Windows 7

Want to enjoy the most talked features of Windows 7, but don’t want to shift from the good old Windows XP? It’s the time to get the best of both worlds!!!!!!!!!!


The Superbar (click here for download) minimizes the space taken by each application instance by only displaying the icon of the application and grouping similar instances of an application as one. You can click on the icon to choose the instances you want to open.

ViGlance doesn’t requires an installation. Just run the software

(And choose between a few options) and you’re ready to go. Right click on any of the notification icons. Check Options to select animations and other effects. You can also drag and drop the icons just like you can in Windows 7. Also, similar to Superbar you can pin items that might be open so that  their link stays on the taskbar even, when they are not open. Though ViGlance at times doesn’t   load the thumbnails quickly but it surely declutters your taskbar and gives you a much more fun UI.


Another feature of the “ Superbar” is that it allows to use combinations such as Windows +{1} to open the first menu on the taskbar and so on.

It cycles through all the open instances of the particular application if it’s already open otherwise starts the application. To get this functionality, just download ActByNum and run it. It’s a small Autohotkey script.


With windows 7 comes a new set of shortcuts to arrange your open windows. You can snap open windows to different edges of the screen, which is helpful if you quickly want to divide the screen into two separate halves. This is done with the Windows+Left or Right keys. Pressing  Windows+ Space bar on the other hand displays the desktop by making all applications transparent. There are several applications which allow you to get the  same functionality in Windows XP, but we will just look at Windows Split. With its range of options the application is a delight for any power user. Install the software and check the list of the Shortcuts available . Also it allows you to customize eachsplit (Layout Settings) so you can enjoy as much flexibility as you want to.

Download this application from here.


Another UI improvement that was seen in Windows 7 is  the AeroShake feature. What it does is simple: shake the active windows  (the one you are using) and hides all other windows. Shake it again and the windows are back to where they were. AeroShake ( click here to download) software (Autohotkey script) for XP does the same! Pretty nifty replacement of the Windows + [D] key used to hide all the windows in case you just want to hide other inactive windows. And being other AutoHotKey script, it take very little RAM too. You can also customize to choose the number of shakes and behavior with extended displays.


Windows 7 is similar to Windows Vista and there is a huge number of softwares to give Vista or Windows 7 lie looks.

Here are few of transformation packs:

  • Remember to patch the uxtheme.dll file before installing these new themes. Download UXThemePatcher from (search for UX theme, followed by your XP Service pack number.)
  • Seven VG Theme by Vishal Gupta: A very popular theme by Vishal Gupta. Different parts of the themes are available as setups, which make it easier to install. Click here to download.
  • Windows 7 Complete by DopeySneezy: A complete theme replacement, with a backup utility to allow you to backup all the system files you need to change. Click here to download.
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